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Guitar I Class Materials from 01/31/13

by mattretz-admin on Friday, February 1, 2013 9:08 AM

In addition to review we did some music theory this week and looked at the major scale.  We also worked on the first two songs for our recital on February 26 at 6:00 PM.  Please try to obtain a capo ASAP.  We will need them for the 26th and I would like to rehearse with them prior to the performance.

This week:

  • Get capo
  • Review and songs in the book that you are still uncomfortable with
  • Practice "grabbing" chords (especially F)
  • Blessed Be Your Name
  • Power Rock (entire song)
  • Read and Watch Unit 3 (ps 26-27)



This is where I post Psalm settings for use by Petrus and Rock of Faith. Of course anyone else who wants to use them is also welcome.

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